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What is Organizing?

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Organizing is a learned skill.

Like any skill, it takes practice.

You would think with all the tutorials and education in every format, from YouTube, to books, free checklists and even paid courses, that anyone could get organized!

Home Organizing Carson City
SO many ways to get organized

All those videos, books, checklists and courses almost always say the same things. Some just switch the order of the steps to appear "unique". Some create catchy acronyms to break down the same steps. But it's all the same process!

If all these free resources are so readily available, why would anyone still need the help of a professional organizer?

Because MINDSET is the hardest part of getting organized! Lacking motivation, or procrastinating. Fear, guilt, or shame can also be factors.

Getting truly organized involves changing your habits, behaviors and thought patterns. There has to be willingness to change old habits and beliefs and adopt new ways of thinking and doing things.

Organizing is not just about decluttering and arranging things to look pretty. It is also about developing a mindset that values order, discipline and efficiency. Without the right mindset, it can be challenging to stay organized in the long term. Without goals and a plan to achieve your objective, it can be hard to know where to even start!

Changing your mindset and habits require effort and consistency. It's wonderful to have someone by your side to help you find new habits, and methods to help you maintain your focus and motivation over an extended period.

Seeking help with a professional organizer in order to develop a clear vision of what you want to achieve and how to do it, is a great way to start the process of getting organized. Finally making the changes needed to gain clarity in your surroundings will do wonders for your mind and body!

If you're ready to transform your mindset and get organized once and for all, contact me, Crystal Navarro 775-230-4643 for a free phone consultation.

What feelings or mindsets have been stopping you from getting organized?

I can't wait to tell you on my next blog, ways of overcoming some of these blocks!

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